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Why Recycle Electronics at uBreakiFix in Hawthorne, CA

Electronics are made of valuable resources and materials, including extremely precious metals like nickel, chromium and lithium. All of these materials require a large amount of energy to mine, create and provide to you. When tech is not recycled properly, these valuable components end up in landfills, dump sites and all too often, they are negligently dumped in countries without the resources needed to recycle them correctly.

uBreakiFix and our partners at Samsung, want to change that! In an effort to help the world learn about the damaging consequences of E-waste, we want to recycle your electronic devices, at no cost to you! Just bring us your outdated, broken and damaged electronics, and we'll get them recycled for you. It's really that simple!

When and Where to Recycle Old Technology in Hawthorne, CA

You've updated your phone, and now your old one is just stowed away in a box somewhere, or even worse, in the garbage! Toxic substances in the electronic device can then become exposed in the ecosystem and result in an unsafe planet the Earth's population.

Whenever an old piece of tech is no longer useful, and you're trying to find the best place to dispose of technology, head to a uBreakiFix near you in Hawthorne, CA. We'll get your electronic to the right place instead of in landfills and locations that are not prepared with the resources and procedures in place to dispose of them correctly.

What Electronics are Recyclable at uBreakiFix in Hawthorne, CA

At uBreakiFix in Hawthorne, we'll recycle your outdated phones, laptops, PCs, printers, chargers, audio devices, headsets, gaming consoles and more! Find your local uBreakiFix in Hawthorne, bring us your devices and we'll take them where they need to go!

Where to Dispose of Technology in Hawthorne, CA

Bring your old devices to your nearest uBreakiFix location! We do more than just fix your tech quickly and dedicate ourselves to helping you enjoy the full experience of your devices. We're also putting our best foot forward to help save the planet. Join us, alongside our partners at Samsung, in our effort to recycle as many tech devices as we can by Earth Day! Help save the environment this season and help make the planet a cleaner, safer place for everyone!

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