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Why Recycle Electronics at uBreakiFix in Stockton, CA

Electronic devices are designed with valuable components and other crucial substances, such as extremely precious metals like silver, lead, chromium, lithium and more. All of these components need a lot of energy to mine, create and provide to you. When tech is not discarded properly, these materials wind up in landfills, trash sites and all too often, they are negligently dumped in third-world countries.

uBreakiFix and Samsung, want to change that! In an effort to raise awareness of the harmful environmental impacts of E-waste, we'd like to recycle your electronic devices, for free! Just bring us your outdated, broken and useless electronics, and we'll recycle them responsibly. Yes, the process is that simple!

When and Where to Dispose of Technology in Stockton, CA

You got a new PC, and now your old device is is just stowed away in a box somewhere, or worse, it's thrown into the trash! Toxic substances in your tech may then leach into the land and atmosphere and generate an unsafe planet and its inhabitants.

Whenever an electronic stops working or becomes outdated, and you're searching for the best location to dispose of technology, call on your nearest uBreakiFix in Stockton, CA. We'll get your electronic where it needs to go instead of in landfills and places that are not prepared with what's needed to recycle them efficiently.

What Devices Can I Recycle at uBreakiFix in Stockton

uBreakiFix in Stockton, CA will responsibly recycle your useless and out-of-date cell phones, desktops, laptops, printing machines, cords, speakers, headsets, gaming consoles and more! Find your local uBreakiFix in Stockton, CA, bring in your devices that you no longer need or use and we'll take them where they need to go!

Where Can I Take My Unwanted Electronics in Stockton, CA

Recycle your old tech at uBreakiFix in Stockton, CA. We do more than just fix your electronics quickly or help you get the most out of your electronic devices. We're also doing our part to help save the planet. Join us, alongside our partners at Samsung, in our goal to properly dispose of as many electronics as we possibly can by Earth Day! Join our efforts this Spring and do your part to help make the planet a cleaner, safer place for years and years to come!

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You deserve a device that works when you need it to. When things aren’t going right, our technicians can help with any issue that you’re facing. Visit your local uBreakiFix and let us reconnect you to what matters most.